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Dino Seretis - The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer

Dino Seretis is the most versatile DJ/Musician available for your wedding!

Dino’s DJ performance is geared to you and your party. Performing your preferred selections and taking your guest’s request will keep everyone dancing and your reception memorable.

With over 30 years of experience, you can be confident in Dino’s ability to read a crowd and guide your reception towards a good time.

When you chose Dino Seretis as the entertainment for your wedding, you not only get an experienced DJ but an accomplished musician who can add a touch of class to all the phases of your special day.

In addition to getting an experienced DJ with over 12,000 digital selections, Dino Seretis can provide:

Music for your Wedding Ceremony:

Dino Seretis is an accomplished guitarist and vocalist. Dino can provide you an acoustic guitar/vocal performance for your wedding ceremony. Dino can also provide a battery-powered amplifier for ceremonies in remote locations like, the beach, sand dunes, mountaintops, etc.

Music for your Cocktail hour or Dinner Set:

Dino can also provide a wide selection of music performed on acoustic guitar and vocal for your cocktail hour and or dinner set (listen to the acoustic/vocal demos in the juke box page).

One-Man Band:

If you want some higher energy live music, Dino can provide a broad variety of music performed on electric guitar, sax and vocal. These selections are performed with backup tracks. You will think you have hired an entire band (listen to the demo in the Juke Box page).


Professionalism is very important when considering your choice for entertainment. When you invite Dino Seretis to be your entertainment, he will:
  • Be completely setup prior to the arrival of any of your guests
  • Play pre-recorded music up to 2 hours prior to his 4-hour performance.
  • Perform at the proper sound level. Dino will NEVER be too loud or too soft.
  • If requested, introduce the Wedding Party
  • If requested, MC the Cake Cutting, Bouquet and Garter Toss
  • Announce all the special dances and act as an MC throughout the evening for any additional announcements.
  • NOT drink on the job.
  • NOT leave the DJ post to smoke or use the phone. His total time will be dedicated to your party.
  • Work personally with you and/or your wedding coordinator in helping to organize your time line, special dances, toasts, and anything else that will make your reception run smoothly and be a fun time for all your guests and especially for YOU!
Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!

Keep in mind that your choice for entertainment will be the most important selection you make in regard to the success of your wedding. With the versatility and professionalism that Dino Seretis provides, he will be an asset in making your wedding day a fun and joyous time for you and all your guests.

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