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Sound & Lighting


Savannah is completely self-contained with sound and lighting production. When you hire Savannah, you do not need to concern yourself with sound or lighting.

Savannah carries a versatile and high efficient sound system. Savannah can provide a soft dinner set, a grooving dance set or a performance loud and full enough to accommodate several thousand for an outdoor concert show.

Savannah believes that it is always the client who has the ultimate decision of where the volume should be set. So, do not settle for bands that perform for their own egos! The success of your event is always Savannah’s priority.


There are many talented groups of musicians who perform with either inadequate Sound Systems or the knowledge to operate them properly. This translates into a bad sounding performance.

Large and powerful sound systems should not mean that you should end up with a loud and obnoxious performance. If they are operated properly, they should provide the smoothness and clarity experienced when listening to a high quality stereo.


If you are planning a night event, theatrical lighting for your entertainment adds atmosphere and professionalism. It accentuates the presentation of the entertainment and your event.

With Savannah’s talent, professionalism, lighting, sound system and experience, you will be assured of a high caliber performance and a memorable evening.
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