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Dino Seretis - One-Man Band

One-Man Band

Dino Seretis has taken the “One-Man Band” concept to the highest level of authenticity.

Dino Seretis has been involved with music since he was eight years old and a professional musician his entire adult life. In addition to being a vocalist, Dino is an accomplished musician.

When Dino Seretis performs as a One-Man Band, Dino can provide a wide variety of high-energy music which he performs live on electric guitar, sax and vocal. Not only will Dino entertain you as a vocalist, but you will also hear astounding musicianship on several instruments all from one person. You will think you have hired an entire band (listen to the demo in the Juke Box page).

Acoustic Guitar/Vocal:

So you want to add a touch of class to a cocktail hour or dinner set…? Let Dino Seretis perform a set on acoustic guitar and vocal to do just that.

Dino is also an accomplished acoustic guitar player and vocalist. Check out the acoustic/vocal demos in the jukebox section.


Professionalism is very important when considering your choice for entertainment. When you invite Dino Seretis to be your entertainment, he will:
  • Be completely setup prior to the arrival of any of your guests
  • Play pre-recorded music up to 2 hours prior to his 4-hour performance.
  • Perform at the proper sound level. Dino will NEVER be too loud or too soft.
  • If requested, provide continuous music by performing as a DJ during breaks.
  • NOT drink on the job.
  • Dedicate his total time to the success of your event.
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