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Dino Seretis - Professional DJ

Dino Seretis is an experienced, professional DJ

With over 12,000 digital files to choose from, you and your guests are guaranteed to have an enjoyable evening of their favorite selections organized in a way that keep your guests dancing and your party moving.

When you hire Dino to be the DJ for your event, he is not there to attend a party, he is there to make a party. Dino Seretis has been in the entertainment business for 30 years. Professionalism is very important to Dino so when you invite him to be your entertainment, he will:
  • Be completely setup prior to the arrival of any of your guests
  • Play pre-recorded music up to 2 hours prior to his 4-hour performance.
  • Perform at the proper sound level. Dino will NEVER be too loud or too soft.
  • NOT leave the DJ post to smoke or use the phone.
  • NOT drink on the job.
  • Dedicate his total time to the success of your event.
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