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Savannah is a Norfolk, Virginia based band that has been together since 1977. They have performed in over 30 states throughout the country.

The group consists of studio quality musician/entertainers and is among the most consistent and versatile bands in the nation. They are known for their authentic versatility in all types of music and their ability to entertain and perform for all types of audiences and occasions.

Savannah Band performances are a fast paced, smooth and highly professional presentation. Depending on the audience, musical selections will smoothly weave in and out of Swing, Big Band, Dance Music, Beach Music, Top-40, Classic Rock, and Country… all performed with the authenticity only seasoned musicians and entertainers can achieve.

Savannah will also provide continuous music during your party by offering a live DJ during breaks. There is no need to debate between a Live Band and a DJ… with Savannah you get both.

If you are looking for reliable, worry free, quality music and entertainment… Savannah is the band that will meet your needs.
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